Pabbar valley: The Place with breathtaking Views

Planning for a holiday to Himachal Pradesh and want to spend some quality time then you can
go for the Pabbar valley. It is a beautiful place for you and your family or friends. It is 450.5 km
away from Delhi with time estimation of 11 hours by road. This valley every year attracts
tourists with its beautiful environment. For nature lovers, it’s just paradise on earth. A direct
route passes from national highway (the old Hindustan- Tibet road) from Theog that goes
ahead to the Pabbar valley. British viceroys used to hunt explore and camp over this route. If
you wish to travel by air the nearest airport is Shimla airport it is 131 km away from Shimla. If
you are choosing railways the nearest railway station is Kalka.


The Valley of Pabbar River has two main towns Theog on the Hindustan Tibet road and the
second one is Rohru. If you are an adventurous person this valley has great surprises for you.
This can be the best holiday place for you for fishing, sightseeing, and trekking. There are many
places to stay in Pabbar valley like hotels, guest houses and you can even have your camps
over there if you are a trek lover.

Different places to explore and visit in the Pabbar valley are:

1. Chanshal Pass: The Pabbar valley lies below the glorious Chanshal Mountain. This can
be heaven for adventurous people. People who love nature will be glorified by this
breathtaking mountain. It is opened from May to October offering a great experience of
trekking to people. You can have quality time and unforgettable memories with your
loved ones. If you want a holiday from your stressful work then you will love this place.

Chanshal Pass

2. Pabbar River: Planning a fishing holiday with your family or friends then Pabbar river
can be one of the best options for you. This beautiful river offers you best camping and
fishing experience. The unforgettable memories are all you will take along. This river
stretches from southern boundaries of Kinnaur to borders of Uttrakhand. With various
streams, it is one of the best rivers for trout fishing.

3. Hatkoti: It is a beautiful village on the banks of Pabbar River. It is 104km away from
Shimla. This village is named after goddess Hateshwari who is the embodiment of Lord
Shiva. Many temples of goddess Hateshwari are present at the bank of the river of
Pabbar. Beautiful infrastructures and walls engraved with Mahabharata and Lord Shiva
makes these temples a must watch place. If you are a religious person, Pabbar valley has
a lot to offer you.


4. Rohru: It is a small town formed at the banks of river Pabbar. It is around 115 km away
from Shimla. Want some pictures with beautiful environmental backgrounds then this small town is all you are founding. This town due to its breathtaking beauty has become
one of the best places to visit. This place offers you opportunities for Fishing, trekking,
camping etc. with your families and friends. Moreover, you can do hand gliding and
paragliding if you are an adventurous person. There are many temples to visit here.

5. Theog: it is also a small and beautiful town at the bank of river Pabbar. There are many
beautiful temples to visit here engraved with wooden walls. Lord Vishnu temples,
Mahishasuramardini temple (Devi Durga avatar to kill Mahishasur), temples can make
your holiday more memorable.

6. Talra wildlife sanctuary: This sanctuary was officially declared in 1962 and was
established in 1974 under wildlife protection act. It is near to Pabbar valley and 92 km
away from Shimla. It is made in an area of 40.49 square kilometers. This sanctuary was
used as a hunting ground by Britishers. This massive sanctuary is the best place to visit
with your children.


7. Pabbar valley trek: One of the best places for trekking these. Here you can stay with
your families or friends in camps and do trekking all day long. This valley is on high
altitude and provides you the best experience of trekking. Beautiful environment and
lovely climate act as an icing on the cake. It is a great place to take pictures with your
family and friends offering you great environment background. The river passing
through the valley makes it a stunning scenery.

Still confused? I suggest you come here with your family and friends. You can enjoy your leisure
time here in the lap of our beautiful nature. Moving away from your hectic and stressful day’s
Pabbar valley is one of the best places to stay in Himachal Pradesh. It can provide you all with
adventure, environment, mythological values, small-town sceneries, trekking experience, Para
gliding, fishing, rafting and many more memories to take along during these holidays.

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