12 Best Places to Visit in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur is  a nice city that is located near the banks of the Repti river in the north east part of the Purvanchal zone of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. This is located 273 km north east of the Lucknow which is the capital of this state. This is a very nice place and you can come here for a tour. If you are coming here for a wonderful fun tour, then there are many places to see. You can see the most important places and have some very good memoires now. There are many good destinations to cover while you come here for a tour and here, we have mentioned the most important of them for your reference.

1. Gorakhnath Temple

This temple shares its name with the city and Gorakhnath was a saint who travelled across the country and wrote some texts that could form a part of the canon. The Gorakhnath Math is a temple that is create and maintained by the Nath monastic group. In the temple there are many cultural activities those are run and the devotes can take part in the same. This also acts as a cultural hub of this place. A memorial called Gorakhnath Mandir was constructed in the name of this location. A music and sound show are held every evening and many devotees attend the same.

2. Railway Museum

This is a train museum that has started latest in the year 2007 with a main aim of showing the journey of the trains in the country and their importance. Lawrence’s steam engine is the main centre of attraction here and this one was created on London in the year 1874 which was them brought back to India via sea. The toy train is enjoyable and also there will be a play area. This place looks nice in the night and this is enjoyable for people of all the ages.

3.Kushmi Forest

This is one of the most visited place in Gorakhpur. This is very nearby the main railway junction and this is also very popular for its sal and sequoia trees. A person can also see some animals in the area and the forest is a hub for a beautiful tomb of Goddess Buddhia Mai. It is believed that if you make a wish after you come to this place then the wish will come true. Also, there is a part and a zoo near to the forest. This is one of the most popular forests in the north India and many of the travellers all over the world visit here all over the year.

4.Vidyavasini Park

Anyone who comes to here  loves to be in the confines of an amazing land and this park at 1.5 miles long. It is not only beautiful but is also a place where one gets the right blend of ducks, coots, swans as well as amazing grebes to name a few. This is a place which is also historically important and has been a venue for mass demonstrations and so many other events which have happened here. perimeter of the park is great, and the horse and the bike riders really enhance the view. If one is coming here on foot, then one can also enjoy the Liberty Drives from May to October. The Joy of Life Fountain is in fact located right here and there is a very popular spot. This park is one of the most visited park here and also there you will see a separate place area for kids.

5.Neernikunj Water Park

This is an amazing place to visit in Gorakhpur. This surely one of the best spaces in London and spans an area of around 410 acres in the north western part. There are many attractions that include the best of the visual charms and then there are the enchanting sights which make way for the best ways of enjoying. The Open Air Theatre here is another fare that is a must do. There are many food and music festivals that help in bringing about the rowing boat hire as well as having a beautiful rose garden which increases the overall travel delight. There are many water activities and rides, and this can be a fun place to enjoy with your family and friends.

6.Golghar mahakali mandir

This is one of the most visited place in the Gorakhpur and this is maintained well too. If you arrange a tour to Gorakhpur, then this is something that you need not miss. This temple has a historical and religious importance and many devotees come her for worship. This is a beautiful place surrounded by the natural glory.

7. Ramgarh Tal

This is one of the most visited attraction in Gorakhpur and this is spread over  1,790 acres of area. The lake has a history and it is said that there was a village by this name  that ruined due to some disaster and as a result there was a hole which was then got filled with water. As a result, a lake was then formed and then it become a famous place for recreation. Government also tried to make that beautiful by some of the water sports.

8. Gita Press

This is a world famous publication and its books are famous all over the world. This is placed in the heart of the city and this was started in the year 1923. Its publications started in the year 1927 and around 1600 copied got circulated among the readers. Today its print order has reached a number of 2.5 lakh (in 2012). The Gita Press archives  have more than 3,500 manuscripts that cover more than 100 interpretations of the Bhagwat Gita. This is one of the oldest and one of the most popular press and its publications are famous all over the country.


This is  an 18th century dargah  that is placed around 2km from the Gorakhpur Railway Station. This is the dargah of Roshan Ali Shah. This place nurtures a smoke fire which is also known as ‘dhunj’. This place is also very well known as gold and silver Tajia. This is one of the best tourists places in Gorakhpur city.

10. Nehru park 

Anyone who comes to Gorakhpur  would not go without visiting the Nehru park which is a   lovely park in North India. It has well-manicured lawns and amazing flowerbeds along with the best visual charms. There is a flock of organic lawn movers which comes in charge of the lawns here. The entire green area stretches across 791 acres of playing fields meadows of tall grass which give it the visual charm.

11.Arogya Mandir

Arogya Mandir in Gorakhpur is one of the most reputed and popular wellness centres here. This is a health rejuvenation camp where different treatments are given for body and mental illnesses also. All the treatments are natural and also, they include Yoga. This also covers a natural healing process. You can get the best treatments here and there will also a ten days fitness programme for the fitness lovers. There will be some medical check-ups before the programs. 

12.Geeta Vatika

This place offers the best and economical accommodation options. This is a place with around 27 appointed rooms . One gets a great choice between the deluxe and the executive rooms and also in the convenient luxuries offered by hotels here. Every guest is given good  arrangements and also with regular amenities like king and queen size bed. The family units here help by providing cooking arrangements. The place is beautiful and the hotel charming. These and many other reasons make the Geeta Vatika  great place to be in . This hotel is situated in and around the beautiful surroundings. Families love to come here and relax in the nearby park as well as explore the entire region around. One has some fascinating places to visit. The hotel is open for full time and closes at nine in the night. If a traveller wants to check in late it is possible.

Gorakhpur is one of the most beautiful places in north India and if you plan to visit here then surely you can enjoy your stays here. The city has many transport modes available and one can enjoy sightseeing here. The climate here is balanced and also this is away from hustle bustle of the city.

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