Shoja: A Serene Place Near Kullu

If you are planning a trip to Kullu, you must visit Shoja too. Shoja is a small and beautiful village that is located in seraj valley of Himachal Pradesh. It is linked to two best-known hill stations Kullu and Shimla. The Best time to visit Shoja is from March to June and September to November. In December, it is very cold so it becomes very hard to stay over there. This undiscovered place is one of the best places to stay in Himachal Pradesh for a perfect family holiday. It is covered with sloping mountains and jaw-dropping beautiful and dense forests of conifers and deodars that stretches miles away.

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Traveling there by direct train or bus is not possible. The nearest airport to Shoja is bhuntar that is 54 km whereas the nearest railway station is the Kullu railway station. There is a direct road linking from Delhi that crosses Ambala and Chandigarh. The distance between Shoja is 498 km that takes around 12 hours by road. It’s a comfortable drive till Banjar. From Banjar to Shoja, it is a bit difficult to drive due to stones and potholes. But once you are reached Shoja, you won’t feel regretful. This village will make you speechless with its beauty of jaw-dropping mountains and breathtaking environment. If you are a person who loves to stay in the beauty of nature you will surely love to spend your holidays in Shoja.

Not only the cold environment and beautiful sceneries, but there are also many more places to explore in Shoja. Shoja is full of unexplored places that you will surely love to visit.

1. Hotels: There is nothing to be worried about the accommodations in Shoja. There are different places to stay in Shoja. There are many different guest houses such as raja guest house, the forest rest house etc. If you don’t want to stay in the guest house, you can also have camps all around.

2. Jalori pass: Do you love trekking? Then Jalori pass can serve you with the best experience of trekking. It is 5 km away from Shoja. You can easily take your car to the doorstep and start trekking while climbing the steep path. It will take you around half an hour or one hour. It’s a beautiful and simple location to visit with your family. In the way, you can see a beautiful forest with a great variety of flowers and herbs. The view from the top will make you speechless. The breathtaking Himalayas look magnificently beautiful. This scenery will take you to the top of the world.

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3. Waterfall point: This beautiful waterfall will be like icing on the cake for your trip. Easy trekking way and beautiful surroundings are all you can relish. It’s a very good outdoor option. You can ask your hotel staff for directions to the waterfall. Surrounded by thick forest this waterfall will leave you speechless for sure. You can have beautiful clicks with your family and friends that will make your trip more memorable. The peace and pollution free environment will make you feel like heaven.

4. Tirthan Valley: It is a beautiful valley near Shoja. It is the best known for the activity of trout fishing. You can ask your guide he will not only tell you the directions but also the best spots for trout fishing. Not only fishing you can have a bonfire and stay in camps with your family and friends. A half day trip to Tirthan valley will make your holidays the best remembered holiday. Surroundings are very beautiful. You can have a family picnic in the lap of beautiful nature.

5. Serolsar Lake: Serolsar Lake is 5 km away from Jalori pass. It is the third-ranked place to visit in Shoja. Water in the lake is so clear that you can see yourself in it. This place is also known due to goddess buddhi Nagin temple. People living in shoji believe that goddess hundred sons who are the guardian of that place. Way to the lake is surrounded by the dense forest of oak trees covered all around. You will surely enjoy visiting this place.

6. Raghupur fort: Do you love to visit historic places? Then you will surely relish visiting raghupur fort. It was built by mandi rulers. They built it to protect themselves from invasions. This monument now has not too much to show you except the walls. But you will love to walk from Jalori Park about 3kms to reach the destination. The way is surrounded by the beauty of nature and a small pond.

7. Tattapani: 7 km away from Shoja, this place is in the lap of beautiful nature. It is basically a hot spring that comes out from the side of Sutlej River. This hot spring is believed to have high medicinal value and is very good for skin. This will make you speechless and make your trip more special with your family and friends.

Thus, if you are looking for some amazing experiences on your way, Shoja is the right place to make your journey astounding and perfect to visit in Himachal.


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