Things to do in the most amazing coastal town: Baga

Are you planning a trip to goa? Then you should absolutely visit the coastal town of Goa – Baga.
It is an amazing town situated in Bardez of goa. Baga beach is one of the famous beaches to
visit in Goa. It is most visited places by the tourists in Goa. You can visit here through airways
and railways both. Nearest airport to Baga is Diabolism international airport. It is around 39 km
away from Baga. Vasco Da Gama railway station is nearest to baga. It is about 50 km away from
Baga. You can visit here with your friends and enjoy Baga beach nightlife that will make your
trip the most amazing trip for a lifetime. It will be the best holiday destination point for you if
you love adventures and water sports.

Baga beach goa

Best time to visit Baga beach

You can visit this place anytime but the best time to visit this place is from the month of
November to February. If you want to have private time with your friends and family you can
visit here in March to early June. Weather will be hot in this month but there will be fewer
crowds on the beach.

Weather of baga beach :
Summers are hot and humid with a daytime temperature of about 31 degrees to 35 degrees.
Monsoon starts from the month of June. Temperature drops down in the month of November
to January.

The Baga beach:
Baga Beach is one of the best beaches to visit in Goa. It is named after the name of great baga
creek. It is situated between the Baga River from north and Calangute beach from the south. It
is occupied by various clubs, shops, and street food vendors. It is one of the best party spots in
Goa especially the night parties. There are various clubs and disco. If you love water sports you
will love this place. There are various water sports for adventure loving people like jet skiing,
parasailing, and windsurfing. Beach is surrounded by various mouth-watering restaurants,
cafes, and street food shops. If you are going to visit in your own car do not worry about
parking. A new car parking is made where 800 cars can be parked at a time. There are various
tattoo shops and tattoo corners if you wish to have an amazing tattoo on your body.


Things to do in Baga:
Baga is the best place for tourists offers you great lot things to do those will make your trip
more special and joyful.

  1. Adventurous water sports: You can enjoy various water sports that will make your trip
    more adventurous. This place is best for water sports that include jet skiing, dolphin
    cruises, bumper boating, banana boating, and parasailing.
  2. Shopping sites: There are various shopping sites in baga offering you a great variety of
    clothes and accessories. There are small-scale markets as well as large-scale markets. You can shop according to your budget. Arpora Saturday night flea market offers you great food from all the cuisines. Mackie’s night bazaar is well known the colorful shopping market of Saturday. There is also a magic shop that will teach you magic in just 2 minutes.
  3. Club Titos: This is one of the famous night clubs in baga. You can enjoy electronic as well
    as Indian Bollywood music. It is pocket friendly too you have to just pay 1500rs for a
    couple. Stay sure as there are sometimes costume parties too. You can visit here from
    11:30 pm to 3:00 am.
  4. Amusement parks: You can have a great time with your children in the amazing
    amusement parks of baga. There are 3 main amusement parks in baga. Monsoon fun
    park, Snow Park, and blue whale water parks are available in baga for children and
  5. Café mambos: Do you love to hang out and party with friends? Then you will surely
    enjoy at this night club. It will remind you of old disco era by its playlist. It is open from
    10 at the night to 3:30 in the morning. Entry fees are 1500 for couples and 2000 for a
    single male that will include alcohol.

sports in baga beach

Except for these amazing places you can also visit aroma Thai day spa that will make your body
feel relaxed and stress free. You can also visit yoga and meditation center in Titos lane 2. You
need not to worry about your stay. There are various Baga beach resorts, hotels, and villas
providing you the comfortable stay. Prices of the accommodations are based on the time of
arrival and weather. There are various restaurants in Baga that serve you with their delicious
mouth watering food. Top 5 restaurants of baga for you are Britto's, Cape Town café, relish, go
with the flow and dream catcher. Café mambos and Tito's are also best known for their
amazing food.

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