Top 12 places to visit in Leh Ladakh

The option of festival objective in India seems never-ending from gorgeous places to visit in India that are unsurprisingly and ethnically rich, as of cities full of chaos and perplexity to places to offer reverse and recreation. 

Leh -Ladakh is a model of amazing attractiveness –

Do you desire to leave elsewhere, appease your spirit, calm your mind, swallow wildlife, see physically in a striking gorge or have several time nomadic unaccompanied or still your courtyard?

Here is a list of places to visit in Ladhak and as well as numbers of places to visit in Leh.

Top 12 places to visit in Leh –Ladakh


  1. Pangong Lake, 
  2. Magnetic Hill, 
  3. Nubra Valley, 
  4. Tso Moriri Lake, 
  5. Lamayuru Monastery, 
  6. Shanti Stupa, 
  7. Shey Monastery, 
  8. Kargil,
  9. Khardungla Pass
  10. Royal Leh Palace, 
  11. Diskit Gompa, 
  12. Alchi Monastery and lots of more.

1. Pangong Lake

Paradise, stillness and calm in one place? Move toward and expend a few hours in Pangong Lake! 

The fragile scenery of Ladakh noticeable by flimsiness to the adjacent peaks, the azure waters and the huge development are very attention-grabbing, as long as the supernatural happens right before the eyes.

There are many best places to visit in Ladakh but this place is adorable.

2.  Magnetic Hill

Have you read concerning Newton’s Gravity in Physics class? Well now you strength be puzzled about how it bends previous to nature.

Even as one is attacking the deserted roads of Leh, a sign appears “Magnetic Hill- the occurrence so as to defy Gravity.”

Let’s get speedy particulars previous to visit Magnetic Hills:

Greatest occasion to visit: The mainly excellent time to trip this place is by road journey through the months of May.

3. Khardungla Pass

Envision how it can feel to be over land. No, we’re not talking about the tricky go away up to Everest. 

On pinnacle of the way to the Nubra, the well-known Ladakh district lays the Khardung La the uppermost street to traffic. It is positioned at an elevation of 18,380 meters.


4. Nubra Valley

Solitary of the mainly striking parts of Ladakh’s astral conceal, Nubra Valley is a profound cut canyon bent by the joint belongings of the Nubra (Siachen) rivers and Shokok. 

The frosty highland, Nubra Valley is actually an addition of the Thebetan flat terrain initial in China and accomplishment Ladakh. 

5. Tso Moriri Lake

If you desire to obtain information on the chin go down, plan a journey to Tso Moriri Lake. 

A completely dazzling and clean lake by attractive mountains, sunlight, and breezy gentle wind that offers a fine-looking vision of one of the mainly beautiful places to visit in Leh

6. Lamayuru Monastery

It is a very old, regal, and pleasant palace in Ladakh, and it is one of the nearly every stunning place you be able to see in Leh Ladakh, about 125 km as of Leh. 

It is skillfully enclosed with uneven, grimy mountains and is cautiously fixed from the badland region.

This is one of the must-see places to visit in Leh.

7. Diskit Gompa

If you encompass fervor for digging deeper keen on the past, after that this is a A1 place to obtain better your information. 

Diskit Gompa as well identified as Disk Monastery is the prime and oldest monastery (gompa) in the Leh Nubra of NI. 

Situation on a peak of hill on top of the bank of the Shokok River, Gompa attracts you with its pleasant appearance.

8. Shanti Stupa

In this earth, in great require of calm, the pallid, dramatic and silence Shanti Stupa on a stack in Ladakh, in the Leh region, Chanspa, northern India in the Jammu district and in Kashmir offers an attractive, not noticeable outlook. 

This pallid loveliness in the hub of the snow allow you to sense the breath and is one of the mainly gorgeous places you be able to see in Leh Ladakh.

9. Kargil City

The good-looking town of Kargil is the after that main in the Ladakh area of J & k following Leh. 

Recognized for its wealthy educational, past, and underneath implication, the city is situated at an elevation of 26,000 feet (2676 m).

Kargil is at the present a nonviolent and striking city, piece as a well-liked traveler aim year after year. 

Place in the center of the huge mountains, the naked Himalayas, and the obvious water of the Indus graceful along it, Kargil are nothing similar to a portion of paradise.

10. Royal Leh Palace

To blot its site in single of Leh’s most well-liked traveler repulsion, the regal Leh fortresses reflect the scale of the times gone by. The lovely scene of the arrangement adds to its attractiveness. 

The fortress is seeing that tall as a 9-story construction and the upper floors are engaged through regal families at the same time as the inferior floors be the last houses and have steady for flora and fauna.

Such views are a festivity of the eyes, the intelligence, and the essence and are rejuvenated. 

11. Alchi Palace

proviso you appointment Leh after that you will be astounded to be acquainted with that the region has a lot of ports, and the Alchi fort is as well one of them. 

Identified as Alchi Gompa this is one of the oldest monasteries and is forbidden by the Likir Monastery.  An attractive field forever and is multifaceted.


A good-looking village flanked by Leh and Kargil. Lamayuru is recognized for its moon-like land, earning the pet name ‘Moonland’. 

If that person’s name itself is not sufficient to provide high-quality reason for its place in our list of the apex ten seats you can stay in Ladakh, just read on.

There are many beautiful palaces in Ladakh; its heart is festooned with jaw-dropping painting. 

Here is no reason to say no to this attractiveness one time in a life span. And if you desire to perform so again, it is permission! 

These every are the best places to visit in Leh and Ladakh.

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