Things you should know About Upper Mustang Trek in Nepal

Nepal is one of the smallest countries of the globe. Nepal covers only 0.3 you look after the entire land area of Asia and 0.03% of the whole acreage of the planet. It’s the landlocked country that lies within the lap of two giant nations; India within the East, West & South, and China within the North. This country is within the developing phase. Though being a small country within the world, Nepal is filled with natural beauty, natural plants, unique style of some features, and cultural diversity. Rhododendron is that the national flower and cow is regarded as the national animal. Similarly, Lophophorus “Himalayan Monal” is the national bird of Nepal. Previously, Dhaka Topi and Daura Suruwal for men want to be the national dress of Nepal. But, nowadays, the traditional attire of all the ethnic groups is considered because of the national dress of Nepal. Nepal wants to be the only kingdom in the world. Upper Mustang trek is best exciting experience.

1. Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek is one of the top third best trekking places in the world. The Himalayan Mustang Region is also called the Last Forbidden Kingdom. Tiji Festival, influenced and celebrated by Tibetan Buddhism, is another major attraction of this area.

In a country, so green and lush that the thought of a desert would never cross your mind, travelers tramping over the Upper Mustang area, aka the land beyond the Himalayas, are rendered speechless. They had entertained an impression of green Nepal and thus were unprepared to behold the sight of barren hills and arid desert-like landscape.

While geologists have a complicated theory for this strange phenomenon, suffice it to mention that the area falls within the no-rainfall zone, a definite tract of land near the Tibetan plateaus. Amidst this extraordinary geographic diversity of Nepal, there lies a mystical city, La Manthang, from where a king, now retired, once ruled the Himalayan country. All an equivalent, you’ll find the city’s varied attractions and genuinely hypnotic. Along the trail, hikers also will have the honor to visit the sacred temple called Muktinath,

 where they say endless flame blazes from time immemorial.

2. Tiji Festival

Tiji festival is just one of the biggest celebrations of the Upper Mustang region. This festival is broadly known to mark the beginning of a replacement season. This Tiji festival celebrated for three times. The dates of this festival are fixed from the monks using the Tibetan calendar.

3. Kaligandaki

The Holy River, Named after Kaligandaki, the Hindu goddess of destruction, this is often Nepal’s holiest river. Its journey on the Tibetan Plateau in the Mustang region on the Northern side of Himalayas, carving down, into one of the deepest gorges within the world between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. Wildlife, lush vegetation, white sandy beaches, remote villages, jaw-dropping gorges and surfing waves almost the entire journey, Upper Mustang Trek, Now that a dam has been built toward the lower section of this river, the journey is shorter than it once was but still makes it one among the simplest medium length rivers, three days ideal with more complex rapids than many of the opposite rivers offer. Confirm you have your camera ready for this one.

Kaligandaki is indeed a melting pot of cultures of Ancient Nepalese and cultures that migrated into the region from the south as well as the North. The lower reaches of the Kali Gandaki River valley, meaning the region in elevations more economical than the rice cultivation limit of roughly 5,000 feet above the water level. The ancient Nepalese races, however, have not remained the only settlers of the beautiful middle-hills region.


Trekking in Nepal may be a dream come authentic, adventurous experience for the journey lover from the planet. Many trekking destinations favor visitors in Nepal. Among them, some are the world’s highest peak mountain Mount Everest. The other trekking trail during this beautiful country is Lang tang, Upper Mustang Trek, Annuparna, Annapurna Circuit, Gokyo Lake Trekking, and Panch Pokhari Trekking. The visitors from around the world mostly come for trekking and a few more adventurous activities like Nepal Rafting and Kayaking.

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