12 Popular Foods To Eat In Kolkata

Kolkata is termed as the city of joy. Bengal is a rich culture and you can get mouth-watering and delicious foods here. People enjoy food and talk about it. Today we will discuss some traditional Bengali cuisine which will make you feel like visiting Kolkata again and again. Let us discuss the best food in Kolkata

1. Macher jhol (Fish Curry)

If you haven’t tried fish curry while staying in Kolkata, then I must say that you have missed something in your life. Bengalis are some of the fishes. Fish curry is usually made with onions, potatoes, tomatoes and spices. Fish curry is mainly eaten with rice. It is one of the special foods of Kolkata. This dish is very common and in every house, people cook it at least thrice a week.

2. Roshogolla

The Bengalis call roshogolla as their emotion. It is the best sweet dish of Kolkata and everybody is fond of it. It is a sweet dish prepared with milk and sugar. The shape of it is round in shape and is dipped in sugar syrup. The taste of the roshogolla is awesome. If you have it then you will like to have it again and again.

3. Biriyani

Biryani is famous all over India, but Kolkata biryani is something different from the other one. The speciality of the Kolkata biryani is big and large-sized potatoes. The aroma of the spices will make you feel mad. The food lovers are always found to have biryani on any occasion. Biryani is of various types, like potato biryani, where there will be the only potato. Other than that, chicken, egg, and mutton biryani are also famous in Kolkata.

4. Fuchka

Puchka is termed as pani-puri, golgappa, gupchup, etc in different states. In Kolkata, people call it fuchka. It is crispy and ball-shaped. You have to put a mixture of potato with some spices and then insert it in the tamarind water. The tamarind water is also mixed with some spices like chilli, salt, and another masala. It is one of the tasty street foods and is almost enjoyed by Kolkata food lovers.

5. Misti Doi

The delicious and flavourful Bengali desserts are none other than Misti Doi. Misti Doi is available almost in every sweet shop. Those who haven’t tasted it, they should taste the fermented sweet yoghurt at least once in their life. We are pretty sure that you will love to have it. Bengalis like to have mishti do in any wedding ceremony, instead of ice cream or any sweet dish.

6. Payesh

Payesh is a sweet dish and it is homemade food. Generally, people make it on the birthday occasion. Many people often get confused with kheer. But it is different from kheer. In kheer, only the milk is used, but in payesh, rice, sugar and milk are used. You can also add jaggery in it to give a special taste. There are varieties of payesh, like rice payesh or simui payesh.

7. Chicken kosha

Bengalis love to have chicken at least twice a week. You must have tried other chicken recipes, not the chicken kosha. It is one of the special dishes of Kolkata. You must try them. Chicken kosha with some potatoes goes with paratha as well as rice. Chicken kosha is a bit of spicy food and available in all types of non-vegetarian restaurants.

8. Luchi Chholar dal or potato curry

Lucchi is the deep fry of flatbread and it is probably one of the best street foods of Kolkata. Most Bengalis have luchi on any religious occasion as it is vegetarian food. Luchi compliment is perfect with cholar dal or with potato curry. Holiday means luchi and aloo dum. If you visit Kolkata, then you must have this awesome combination of luchi with either potato curry or cholar dal. It is one of the famous foods in Kolkata. 

9. Hilsa Paturi

Hilsa is the love of Bengalis. There are so many dishes which can be prepared with the help of Hilsa. The sad part is that Hilsa can only be found in the rainy season. So, if you visit Kolkata during the rainy season, then you should have Hilsa paturi. The fish is wrapped in the banana leaf with mustard seeds, oil, chili, tomato, etc and then it is boiled in the water. The mouth watering hilsa paturi will make your day.

10. Shukto 

Shukto is entirely a traditional Bengali cuisine. It is a curry with a mixture of vegetables. You can add vegetables like bitter gourd, potato, reddish, carrot, beans, and other vegetables. The dish is prepared wonderfully and tastes somewhat bitter due to the presence of bitter gourd. The cuisine paired great with rice. Some also have it with luchi or paratha. If you want to increase the taste more, then cook it with milk. The milk will give an awesome taste. It is also good for health as there are so many vegetables.

11. Aloo Posto

Aloo Posto is non-vegetarian food. If you think of eating non-vegetarian food, then aloo posto is a great combination. It is a great space for you if all of a sudden a guest comes to your house. The dish is easy to cook and doesn’t need much time. Moreover, the ingredients are poppy seeds and potato. If you like you can add other vegetables also. What do you want if you get a plate full of rice, pulse, and aloo posto? You must have it if you are planning to visit Kolkata.

12. Patishapta

Patisapta is generally made on the occasion of poush parbon. It is made with milk and refined flour. The kheer or sweet is inserted in the patishapta and it is eaten. You can serve the guest and they will also be happy.


Kolkata is known for its culture and food. People from all over the country like to visit here to taste the food. We have discussed several foods. Other than these 12 foods, there are also other foods of Kolkata. If you are visiting Kolkata for the first time, then you should try these dishes.

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