Barot: The Best Picnic Spot to Visit

Barot is a beautiful village. It is situated in mandi district of himachal Pradesh. It was developed
in 1920 under Shanan Hydel project but now is one of the best places to stay in himachal
Pradesh for vacations. Till 1975, it was very difficult to travel Barot but now well maintained
roads are made to Barot. It is 66km away from mandi that is the nearest district to it. Nearest
city to Barot is joginder nagar at the distance of 12 km. Climate here remains pleasant
throughout year. Average temperature is 13ᵒC and in winters drop downs to 5ᵒC. Barot is
situated at the banks of Uhl River that that is surrounded by dhauladhar the range of
Himalayas. It is surrounded by forests of deodar and Himalayan oak.

Barot is frequently visited by many tourists throughout year. This place offers great experience
of trekking, fishing, camping and many more adventurous sports. It is mostly visited by tourists
in day time. Places to stay in Barot are not too expensive. There are many accommodations to
stay in very affordable prices that also attract many tourists. Nearest railway station to Barot is
joginder nagar railway station and the nearest airport is kullu airport.

Not only the pleasant weather, there are also many places to visit near Barot:

1. Nargu wildlife sanctuary: Nargu wildlife sanctuary is one the famous tourist destination
in Barot. It is situated near the river uhl of mandi district. Barot act as the main gate to
this amazing wildlife sanctuary. You can see various animals over there like black bear,
musk deer, serow, ghoral, pheasants, barking dear and many more. You can visit there
in the month of April to May and August to October. There are many accommodations
nearby this sanctuary. This wildlife sanctuary provides you the great experience in the
lap of nature with your family and friends.


2. Uhl River:  Uhl is a magnificent river that passes through Barot. It is part of watershed of
Beas River. It is originated from thamsar glacier of Himalayan range. This is a place you
must visit with your family and friends. It offers you great experience of fishing and
camping. It is at an elevation of 2572 feet. Rafting in this river would be great idea for
adventure loving people. It is 8 km upstream from district mandi.

3. The Barot temple: Barot temple situated in Barot village is one of the best temples to
visit. This temple is dedicated to their local deity dev pashakot. This temple is situated at
the bottom of hills. To visit this temple you have to walk downhill for time interval of 15
minutes. If you are a religious family person you can visit with your family there.
Peaceful environment at that place will surely make your holidays more happening and


4. Chuhar valley:  Barot is part of chuhar valley situated in mandi district. This valley is a
beautiful place to visit. If you want some amazing pictures with your family or friends
this valley will provide you all the best sceneries. Festival of mandi shivratri celebrated
in this valley attracts many of the tourists to visit this place. This festival is celebrated by
the people of chuhar valley annually with whole rituals and magnificent excitement and
breathtaking decoration.

5. Badagran:  Badagran is a small village around Barot. It is best known for its exotic camp
side. Comfortable camps are provided to people at very cheap prices. It is best base
camp if you are travelling to kullu. These provide you great experience of camping in the
lap of dense forest and yes, the river uhl. The bone fire, peaceful environment, joyable
fishing is all that can make your trip the most memorable.


6. Barot himri trek: Barot himri trek is a long route for trekking that passes through Uhl
River and lug valley stream. It is a very old route. In ancient times Britishers used this
route to transport there goods from kangra and kullu. This route will provide you
sceneries of the breathtaking mountains all over the valley. It takes almost 125 hours to
complete this trek.

7. Nalhota:  Nalhota is an unexplored village in Barot. It is situated near the banks of
beautiful river uhl. Local people over there are very friendly. Do you want to give your
children a little glimpse of our villages? This place will be best for this purpose. The
traditions, the values, the culture is all you can teach your children in this village. You
can stay in camps near the river enjoying the peaceful environment in pleasant weather.


Pleasant weather, beautiful sceneries, pollution free air, peaceful atmosphere are all the things
you can enjoy in Barot. This place will serve you best whether you are an adventurous person or
a family man who wants to spend some quality time with your family.

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