Temple Run in Goa: A Guide to the 14 Best Famous Temples in Goa State

The Indian state of Goa has long served as a major transportation and tourist centre. The tourist industry in this nation ranks this location at the pinnacle of unforgettable experiences. Some of Goa’s most well-known temples welcome not just worshippers but also photographers, historians, and those simply looking for a unique experience.

We’ll go through some of the most well-known temples in Goa so you may visit them with little fuss on your vacation. The serene and majestic atmosphere of these temples is sure to take your breath away.

Here is the 15 Best Temples in Goa

  1. Shri Mangueshi Temple
  2. Shri Shantadurga Temple
  3. Shri Mahalaxmi Temple
  4. Shri Ramnath Temple
  5. Shri Kamakshi Temple
  6. Shri Naguesh Temple
  7. Shri Chandranath Temple Paroda
  8. Shri Devaki Krishna Temple
  9. Shri Bhagavati Temple
  10. Shri Navdurga Temple
  11. Shri Kalikadevi Temple
  12. Shri Bhagavati Temple
  13. Shri Chandreshwar Temple
  14. Shri Mallikarjuna Temple
  15. Shri Datta Mandir

1. Shri Mangueshi Temple

Shri Mangueshi Temple

The Mangueshi Temple in Goa is an important Hindu temple, and the state of Goa is home to many more. In the evening, when hundreds of diyas are lighted, the Deep Stambha to the north of the temple comes alive and becomes one of the most beautiful sights in all of North Goa. The Mangueshi Temple is one of the most well-known places of worship in this region, and with good reason.

Location –   Priol, Ponda

Visiting hours: 6:00 AM–10:00 PM

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2. Shri Shantadurga Temple

Shri Shantadurga Temple

Surprisingly, three locations in Goa claim to be the original Shantadurga Temple. Kavlem, Pemem, and Quepem are home to Goa’s Shantadurga temples.

Because both Hindus and Christians worship the same god at the Shantadurga Temple in Quepem, it is a powerful symbol that God Is One. This tranquil setting really exemplifies the ideals of peace and harmony that its name conveys. It’s also one of the most important temples in South Goa.

Location: Kavlem, Ponda, Goa

Visiting hours 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

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3. Shri Mahalaxmi Temple

Shri Mahalaxmi Temple

The presiding god of the Panaji Village resides at the Mahalaxmi Temple, one of the most well-attended Hindu temples in all of North Goa. About 18 religious pictures from the Holy Bhagavata may be seen in the temple’s sanctuary, each representing a different sect. The Mahalaxmi Temple in Goa is a popular destination for devotees at all times of the year. Mahalakshmi, crowned with a linga, is revered as the Goddess of prosperity and tranquilly.

Location: North Goa; North Ponda; Bandivade; Goa

Visiting hours: 6:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

4. Shri Ramnath Temple

Lord Ram is said to have worshipped and paid homage to Lord Shiva in the guise of Ramnath before he crossed the sea to Sri Lanka. As one of the most well-known Hindu temples in Goa, Shri Ramnath Temple naturally has a great deal of significance in Hinduism. The deepstambh and the other Gods’ idols, in addition to Lord Ramnath’s, are absolute must-sees when visiting this temple.

Location: Ramnathim, Ponda, Goa

Visiting hours: 5:00 AM – 8:00 PM

5. Shri Kamakshi Temple

Shri Kamakshi Temple

The temple of Shri Kamakshi is another wonderful masterpiece, and its stunning location further to its allure. A traveller who has made it thus far just needs a holy atmosphere. Kamakshi Temple is the only one of Goa’s most well-known temples that include a water tank inside its holiest of spaces. Tourists from all around Goa go there to experience its divine beauty.

Location: Shiroda, Goa 403103

Visiting hours: 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

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6. Shri Naguesh Temple

The Nagesh Temple is another prominent and noteworthy temple in Goa. The history of Naguesh Temple is renowned for its solidity and durability. The only Goan temple that has never been reconstructed, only its inside has been refurbished. You should not pass up the opportunity to see the stunning views reflected in the temple pool. This is what draws so many visitors to the Naguesh Temple in Goa.

Location: Ponda, Goa

Visiting hours: NA

7. Shri Chandranath Temple

About 14 km outside of Margao is where you’ll find the old temple of Chandreshwar Bhoothnath. Dedicated to Shiva, the Lord of the Moon, this temple may be found atop the Chandranath hill, a thickly forested peak that rises to a height of around 350 metres. The Bhoja dynasty, which ruled the area until the eighth century, had ties to the Chandranath Bhoothnath temple; in fact, they named their capital city Chandrapur after the god.

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Darshan, or the ritualised gazing of the god, draws many devotees to the temple’s main gate. The Shivalinga is a chunk of granite that was found within the temple’s holiest area. It faces the moon, therefore on nights with a full moon, it is illuminated by the glow of the celestial body. Strangely, there are many of little rock crabs scattered over the ground around the shrine.

Location – Paroda, Quepem

Visiting hours – Sunday – Saturday, 8 AM – 8 PM

8. Shri Devaki Krishna Temple

Shri Devaki Krishna Temple

About 17 kilometres from Panaji, the Devkikrishna temple is in Marcela. This temple is special because Lord Krishna and his mother Devaki are honoured as Devakikrishna. They were taken to Mayem and then moved to where they are now, Marcela, to escape the Portuguese Inquisition. This temple’s inner room has a beautiful Devaki and Lord Krishna statue. The statue of Devaki is standing with the baby Krishna between her legs. The figures are made of beautiful black stone carvings.

Location -Marcel, Ponda, North Goa

Visiting hours8 AM – 8 PM

9. Shri Bhagavati Temple

Shri Bhagavati Temple, devoted to Bhagwati, a manifestation of Lakshmi, is said to be 500 years old. Upon entering the temple, visitors are greeted by two massive black elephants. The Shri Bhagavati Temple in Goa is visited by many people every year during Dusshera, making it one of the most well-known temples in the region. If you want to see the temple at its most vibrant and beautiful during the celebrations, you should plan your trip around them.

Location: Ponda, Goa

Visiting hours: NA

10. Shri Navdurga Temple

The Madkai neighbourhood of Ponda is home to the Shri Navdurga temple, which is 28 km away from Panjim.Navadurga, a Hindu goddess, is honoured at this 500-year-old temple.The Ganvshi hamlet in the Tiswadi taluka is where the deity was first worshipped. Madkai is dedicated to a particularly ferocious manifestation of Durga, the Mahishasuramardini (the murderer of the devil Mahishasur).

The temple’s Garbhagriha, or holiest spot, has a goddess statue on a throne. The standing idol is four feet tall, and her distinctive feature is a slight leftward bending of her neck. Every month on Shukla Navami, the palanquin of Navadurga is marched through the streets.

Location – Madkai, Ponda, North Goa

Visiting hours Sunday – Saturday, 8 AM – 8 PM

11. Shri Kalikadevi Temple

Shri Kalikadevi Temple

The Kansarpal Shri Kalikadevi Temple, located 14 km from Mapusa, is reported to be about 100 years old. A stage for performances can be found in one of the two outer halls of this structure, which is divided by seven rows of four pillars. The venerated picture of the Goddes ‘Kali,’ a furious version of Devi, resides in the inner shrine. Agrashalas (rest Houses) surround the temple and provide accommodation to worshippers. The Sri Kalika temple at Gillage Kansarpal, not far from Assonora and Mapusa, is one of the most significant Hindu buildings in North Goa. The main followers of this god are the Daivadnya Brahmans.

Location: Kansarpal, Pernem

Visiting hours 6 AM – 8.30 PM

12. Shri Chandreshwar Temple

One of the most frequented temples in all of South Goa is the Chandreshwar Bhoothnath Temple. Located at Chandranath Hill, this historic temple is also a lookout point. The temple may be reached by walking up the stone stairs or driving along the paved road. In this region, Lord Shiva is revered as the Moon God. The Shiva Linga within the temple is positioned such that it gleams brilliantly on nights when the moon is full. When the moon lights the linga, water is reported to emerge from it. You should check out some nighttime travel reading as well. There is a smaller temple not far away that is worth checking out. Bhoothnath, also known as Lord of the Ghosts, is a form of Lord Shiva worshipped at this temple. The Chandreshwar Bhoothnath Temple is a wonderful place to visit, whether or not you believe in ghosts.

Location Paroda, Quepem

Visiting Hours: 5:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m.

13. Shri Mallikarjuna Temple

Shri Mallikarjuna Temple

It takes around 30 km to reach the Mallikaarjun temple from Margao. Lord Mallikarjun, an avatar of Shiva, is the focus of worship at this temple from the 16th century A.D.The temple is home to several stunningly beautiful wooden pillars with intricate carvings.Visitors are transported to a bygone age by the intricate carvings, tales, and characters depicted on the walls and pillars.

The deity’s statue is carried in a procession to the adjacent Rajbag beach in Kindgebag for a wash and other rites during the celebrated yearly festival or Jatra.During the Veeramel festival, the temple serves as the celebration’s nerve centre. Rathasaptami and Shigmotsav are two more festivals celebrated at the temple that draw large crowds of worshippers.

Location Canacona, South Goa

Visiting hours –  8 AM – 8 PM

14. Shri Datta Mandir

The Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar presides over the Shri Datta Mandir in Sanquelim, and worshipping this god is supposed to alleviate mental health issues miraculously.

The temple lies at Dattawadi, Sanquelim, which is 37 kilometres away, and is 40 km from Margao. A lovely hillside draped in thick forests of areca palms serves as a backdrop for the century-old Hindu temple dedicated to trimurthy. Datta Jayanti, which occurs in December, is the biggest holiday celebrated here, and people go from all over Goa to be a part of it.

Location: Sanquelim, North Goa

Visiting Hours – 6 am – 9pm


Goa has churches and temples and everything in between because India is a democratic state. At least once in your life, you should go to all of Goa’s temples to see the beauty of culture and custom on a different level. So, hurry up and book a trip to Goa so you can see its spiritual side. You need to pray in the party centre!

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